U say update I tell share U know its fate Its one for fair U are not late U’re not I “swear” U are my date i am your claire I care wallahe i care

I've got to see love and joy

I've got to see love and joy Doing good we enjoy Child playing with his toy Boy oh boy they are the giants oh boy

Breeze of the youth.

Breeze of the youth. Couples under OUTH Giants in growth Me&you, both South longing north Me&you or you&me, BOTH

Little firessss

Little firessss everywhere??!! Why the HELL you do that four It is devilish don't you care And you keep few matches for more You hide behind the CURTAINS Don't you know it will burn you? SURE It is a crime for a DIME and Back fare Your DNA everywhere run for the door Make no mistake we'll kill all flares Even if we pump from sea shore STOP or JUMP, I'll catch you I swear We will root you out and settle the SKoRE

We will kick your butt

We will kick your butt, you will enjoy it We will beat you up. Beat it  We will pull the rugs, flip IT We will listen to the trees. Doubt it We want the land&and&and&and, do you get IT?


Me&you A journey meant for continue  A new day having a wonderful view  A love destined for hue  A little boy bypassing the que  A garden of eden, but due A heart that lives in me while my heart lives in you

On the Go

On the Go When you give me Love You shall be loved even above When you give success I guarantee you 1st never miss When you give me peace I will share heaven’s keys When you give me happiness I will give back more than less